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5 Best Investing Apps for Beginners in 2019 

The Internet age has opened the floodgates for new startups hoping to create the next innovative investing platform. And lucky for us, many such investing apps have come into fruition. With these apps, investing from anywhere — even on-the-go — is a new trend that…


How to Start Saving Money Today 

Saving money is a peace of mind. Recent surveys show that less than half of Americans have an adequate amount of money saved up and over 30 percent has nothing saved for retirement. Considering the enormous amount of uncertainty in the world, it’s important to…

Credit Cards

5 steps to excellent credit 

Financial freedom starts with building excellent credit. Credit is a key factor in determining which tools you can utilize to make important financial decisions in the future. Whether you have no established credit, or if your score has been damaged over the years, there is…

What is cryptocurrency

What is a cryptocurrency? 

If you are reading this post most likely you’ve heard the term Crypto or Cryptocurrency or Cryptography and probably have an idea what this is. Crypto is digital money? Yes, but you can’t compare cryptocurrency to PayPal or Skrill or funds on a debit card….

10 types of investments

New to investing? Our top 10 investments in 2019! 

Everyone knows that the easiest way to make money is to get a stable job to earn an income. But the problem with relying solely on employment income is that it doesn’t take the future into consideration. Even if you’re good at putting aside a…

best tips for home buying
Home Buying

7 Home Buying Steps to Make it Stress-free 

Buying a home for the first time is one of the most important and costly decisions you’ll make in your life. Whether it’s for investment purposes or personal use, buying a home can be extremely rewarding as long as it’s done when you’re financially prepared….

secured credit card vs. unsecured credit card
Credit Cards

Is Secured Credit Card a Good Option? 

Opening a credit card account is a solid way to build financial security, but for many people, getting a credit card is difficult due to unfavorable circumstances, namely, bad credit. Fortunately, there is still a way to qualify for a credit card even if your…